What is Coaching?

Coaching is an amazing tool to get to the core of your values and dreams. More concretely coaching is an effective communication tool based on questions that can help you find the true answers.

Coaching is prospectively and the main focus is how you get from where you are to where you want to be. Maybe you need more clarification, balance or adventure. Coaching can help you create the life you are dreaming of.

Life coaching is not all about changing everything around you. It is about listening to that inner voice and start taking actions. Sometimes that means making bigger changes, sometimes it is all about standing firm and simply changing your focus. Life coaching can also help you accepting things for what they are, so you can experience balance and flow.

To make a long story short; coaching is a fantastic opportunity to open up, start listening to your inner voice and take the first steps towards balance, joy and true life adventure.


Obstacles on the Way

There are always deeper reasons why we aren’t where we actually want to be. Most of those reasons are in our subconscious. We have lots of preconceived ideas or blueprints controlling thoughts. That determines how we act in the world and therefore what we can achieve. Our blueprints are often not aligned with reality and most often block our way of experiencing magic and flow.

Coaching can help you realise your own mental blocks and together we can make a strategy on how to overcome them so you can live the life you truely want. Coaching can help you see things in a new perspective and open up for new opportunities. Exactly because of this coaching is extremely efficient. The road towards your goals might not always be easy, but the result will be all worth it. I promise!


Who Can Benefit from Coaching?

Coaching can help people with lots of different challenges. It can be anything from opening a shop or losing 10 kilos to feeling more free, happy or spontaneous. My focus is always to help you make your everyday life more exciting and magic.

I can e.g. help you, if your goal is to:

  • … act upon your dreams
  • … take your space in the world
  • … experience more joy and energy
  • … improve and build stronger relations
  • … start living instead of just “surviving”
  • … be better at expressing your needs and set boundaries
  • … have a healthier and more balanced lifestyle
  • … have more energy to do the things you love
  • … figure out your next move
  • … improve your self-confidence and self-worth
  • … have a better work-life-balance
  • … be able to enjoy the sunset and the scent of the roses with full presence


What Coaching is Not?

Coaching is not the same as therapy and shouldn’t be substituted for any psychological treatment. If you have bigger traumas, severe mental challenges or mental diseases, coaching is not the right option for you. Coaching can be efficient for mild anxiety, stress or feeling down, but it is not a therapy form and treatment for mental diseases.

Where therapy often deals with your past, coaching is a forward looking tool focusing on flow and momentum. I can easily dig down in the past to understand behavioural patterns, but the focus will be on the future and the here and now. Where are you and where do you want to be – physically or mentally – and how do we get there? That is what I as a Life & Flow Coach can help you with.


Holistic Coaching

I believe that a holistic approach is the only right way to change anything in life. I always keep a focus on how the body and mind interacts. Our body can reveal a lot of our mental pain and help us understanding what is going on inside. We can also use the body to release some of the mental pain to feel lighter and stronger.

When you are sad you might have a stomach ache. When you are worried it might be hard to breathe. Every feeling will find a way to express itself in our bodies. In my coaching sessions and workshops I always use the body as a tool to understand the mind. It can be through breathing exercises, specified questions, meditations or simple movements. I also practice walking coaching sessions.


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