4 reasons Why Nothing is Changing in Your Career

Are you dreaming of a change in your career, but can´t seem to “pull yourself together”? Maybe you want to start as a freelancer and travel around the world or maybe you just want more responsibility in your current job.

Whatever it is, there is always reasons why you are not acting. And no – it is not because you are lazy, stupid or can´t figure anything out. Humans do what our reptile brain is telling us is the safest choice. And the safest choice is in a reptile-brain-kind-of-way most often to not change anything at all.

So instead of moving towards your dream of a more exciting work life, you end up doing nothing and staying exactly where you are. If that is exactly where you want to be, then no worries. But you clicked this article, so maybe you want something new?

Here is 4 common reasons why nothing is happening. Can you recognise any of these?

#1: You Think You “Know” What´s Going to Happen

“If I ask my manager for more responsibility, he will say no for sure” or “I´m going to fail if I start out as a freelancer”. Do you recognise any of these kind of thoughts, where you think you just KNOW what´s going to happen in the future?

Most dreams are blocked in the brain even before they get a chance to unfold in the real world. The truth is that we rarely know exactly what is going to happen in our life. That´s the scary and the beautiful part of life.

So before you give up on changing your work life for the better, you should give your ideas a real chance. Ask what you need to ask, research what you need to research and try out your ideas in the real world before they go to the trash.


#2: You Tell Yourself that You Are Stuck

Do you know the feeling of being stuck? You feel that there is no right solution to anything and you can´t move in any direction.  That is a horrible feeling that I know myself very well.

But most often, you are absolutely not stuck. Not in the real world at least. Your brain might be stuck in the same patterns of thinking.

Often we get stuck in a way of thinking because we want our lives to look in a specific way and we are desperately trying to steer in a specific direction that dosen´t seem to work. So we keep trying and trying and nothing is happening.

And then we feel stuck.

So what can you do?

First of all you must accept the reality of your current life situation. Without accepting where you are, there is no way out.

Second you must let go of thinking that there is only one right solution and only one right direction.  As soon as you open your mind to the idea that your life and go in multiple directions, you brain will start working with you instead of working against you.

Write down all the things that makes you feel stuck and give 3 alternative direction for each thought. Even if you think the solutions aren’t perfect, it will give you brain some new thoughts to work with and slowly you will start getting new ideas and solutions.


#3: You Are Afraid of Letting go of the Dream

I often fall into the trap of being in love with a dream. I dream about all the nice things that would happen if I started doing this and that in my career. The problem is that I love the dream so much that I don´t want to burst the bubble and take the dream into the real world.

But I will tell you something: The honey moon is great, but if you don´t act on your dream the energy will die and all you are left with is regret of the lost dream.

So take your dream to the next level. Just take one small action today that will bring you a bit closer to your dream.


#4: You Are Trying to Take too Big a Step

Are you trying to take too big a step? No you don´t have to quit your job today and put yourself in a crazy financial situation because you want to start your own company. That could be a solution. But maybe it is too big a step for you – and then nothing will happen.

Start small but be steady.   

Consistency is the key to success. You don´t have to change everything and freak out. You just have to keep moving in the right direction.

So if you e.g. want to start your own company, start be dedicating 5 hours a week to get things going. Then when you know what you want to do, you work on getting your first client and when that is set you can maybe go parttime in your current job or maybe find another solution to still get an income.

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