Are You A Bird in a Cage?

Are You a Bird in A Cage?

Do you know the story about the bird in the cage? Let me tell you a little story – cozy, right?

Well here we go. Once upon a time a bird was living in a cage. That seems pretty normal. And it was pretty normal. It seemed like a nice place. There was water, food and it was safe from cats. The cage had enough room for the bird to spread its wings, but not enough room to fly. It couldn’t see any doors out of the cage, so it thought: “Never mind – As long as I’m comfortable”. The bird had never known anything else, so it thought it was exactly, how it should be. It had an easy-going and comfortable life there.

An Unknown Door

One day the bird realised that there was a door in the cage. It had been there the whole time, but it never saw the door before. It got curious. What was behind that door? It was afraid to look. It could lose everything it had ever known if he flew out. What if it couldn’t find its way back? What if its wings didn’t work? What if the outside was full of cats?

It had so many questions and fears. It really wanted to fly though. What should it choose: The easy life in the cage or the unknown life flying around outside the cage? And then it opened the door – flew out and made those wings feel the wind underneath. It felt great! The bird thought to itself: “Oh, that´s what the world is suppose to look like”.

Yes, that was a little story. I’m sure you know where I want to go with this, right?

The Feeling of Flying

I often find myself in a cage, but I know what it feels like to fly, so I will always look for the door. Sometimes it takes a while, before I know where the door is. When I find it, it might take me a while to open it. But I know what it feels like to open it and fly out. So I know that I always will. Because when you had the feeling of opening the door once and flying out, you never want to settle for anything less.

I felt it the first time I travelled alone. The first time I quit a job with no other plan. The first time I moved to a new country and the first time I spoke in front of a lot of people. And a lot of other times as well.

It’s a feeling that your world expands. That you are creating your own life and you decide what you want to put into that world without letting everybodys expectations and your own negative beliefs stop you. It is the most liberating feeling.

Can it be scary? Yes. Are there any risks? Yes. Can it go wrong? Yes. But for me the alternative (being stuck in the same unforfilling, yet maybe comfortable situation) is way more scary.

What makes you fly?

What makes people fly is individual. For some people, it is quitting a job and travel around the world. For others it might be to speak their mind and stop trying to please others all the time.

Whatever makes you fly is worth working towards and is worth the risks. It might take a while to find the door. It might take a while for you to fly out and leave the cage. It doesn’t matter how much time you take as long as you keep moving in the right direction.

Did You Build a Cage of Negative Beliefs?

We all have different beliefs that we leaned throughout our lives: A mind-set that is forming our world. Negative beliefs are shaping our cage and keeping us inside of it. It can be thoughts like: I´m not good enough to get a better job, I don’t deserve to get what I want or I´m too stupid to open up my own business.

These are not facts. Only for you.

Coaching is an efficient tool to help identify those negative beliefs. Take them out in the open and look at what they contain. When you know what’s in there, it is way easier to overcome your own negative beliefs. That’s when you start looking at the world with new eyes. That’s when you begin to fly.

Are you living inside of a cage that won’t allow you to spread your wings and fly?

I know that you deep inside know the answer to this. So if the answer is yes, what is one little step you can take today, to get a little bit closer to get out of that cage?

If you are completely lost and have no idea where the door is or how to even look for it, life coaching can be a great help. I can help you realise what you need to change in your life or your mind to start feeling more free. Free from your own negative beliefs.

Do You Want to Fly?

Book your first coaching session and start the process today.

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