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4 reasons Why Nothing is Changing in Your Career

Are you dreaming of a change in your career, but can´t seem to “pull yourself together”? Maybe you want to start as a freelancer and travel around the world or maybe you just want more responsibility in your current job. Whatever it is, there is always reasons why you are not acting. And no – […]

Are You A Bird in a Cage?

Are You a Bird in A Cage? Do you know the story about the bird in the cage? Let me tell you a little story – cozy, right? Well here we go. Once upon a time a bird was living in a cage. That seems pretty normal. And it was pretty normal. It seemed like a […]

Live today like it was your first…

You probably heard the phrase: “Live like today was your last day”. I think that is really bad live advice. I puts a lot of pressure on you to do something bigger, better and faster. Like what you have is not good enough. Instead I suggest you live like today is your first day. Thinking […]