Live today like it was your first…

Live like today is your first day

You probably heard the phrase: “Live like today was your last day”. I think that is really bad live advice.
I puts a lot of pressure on you to do something bigger, better and faster. Like what you have is not good enough.

Instead I suggest you live like today is your first day. Thinking like that allows you to appreciate all the things you already have in your life. Only when you appreciate what you have, you can start building on top of that.

So think about what seeds you can plant today, that allows you to reach you biggest goals and dreams in the future. Noone ever build anything amazing over night. So instead of freaking out and living like today was your last.

Live like it was your first. Take a look around and see all the great stuff you already have. Plant new seeds for your future and enjoy everything you got right now.

Watch my video about that here.

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