Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work – And What to do Instead!

Change your life for real in 2018 with the right kind of New Years Resolutions

Is 2018 going to be the year, that you actually start changing something in your work life? Are you tired of living like a zombie from Monday to Friday, just to continue the routine the following week? Do you want to experience real work joy?

Or are you just going to dream about a change, like you did all the other years?

I believe that one of the biggest reasons New Year’s Resolutions don’t work is because there is no real action plan. Everything stays in the dream world.

You might REALLY want to start your own company/get that promotion/start as a freelancer (insert your own dream), but you have no idea on how to get started and what you actually need to do.

And so another year goes by without anything happening.

Stuck in first step

As a coach I am trained to create lasting changes in peoples life. Imagine if a client came to me and said: “I like to open my own company”, and I just said: “Well you already seem to know what you want to do. So just go and do it then.”
That wouldn’t change much. The client would leave with no new inputs, no new breakthroughs and no idea on how to take action.

In the coaching world we often lead our clients through a certain amounts of steps (often around 6) to start creating lasting changes in their life. To know what you want to do is very important, but knowing the goal is simply just the very first step in changing something for real in your life.

When you decide on a New Year’s Resolution you simply just have the dream, but no tools to make that dream become reality.

Fears are holding you back

If you really want to do something, why haven’t you already done it? Why do you even need to make a New Year’s resolution? You could have started taking action last week or a month ago or a year ago.

The short answer is that subconsciously some kind of fear is holding you back. Yes, when you don’t take action towards something you really want, it is always because some fears are playing with your mind.

To change something you need to understand and acknowledge that fear, so you can overcome it, instead of letting it run your decisions for you.

On the first of January that fear won’t automatically disappear and that’s why you can’t automatically start acting on your goal. The fear is still holding you back.

Small steps leads to lasting changes

Another reason New Year’s Resolutions won’t work for you, is that you try to change too much too quick. It takes a long time to change your mind-set, your routines and your daily actions. If you try to change everything at once, it might get too overwhelming and your mind will freak out and convince you that it is too dangerous.

Smaller but consistent actions will often lead you to the greatest changes. It might take a little longer than you want to, but if you are seriously about your dream, you will also give it the time it needs to develop.

A New Year’s Exercise

So now what? What are you going to do with all of those New Year’s Resolutions?
Don’t worry. I have an exercise for you to actually convert that dream into reality in 2018.

#1: Select the Most Important Goal

Having too many goals is unrealistic. It will mess up your focus and you will end up getting nothing done. So choose the most important New Year’s Resolution. And only one!

Write it down.

#2: Write Down Your Obstacles

Ask yourself why you haven’t already reached your goal. What kind of obstacles have been on your way? Write all your reasons down.

Now decide which one is the biggest reason.

Ask yourself if that reason is true?

Most likely there is some fear that is playing in your head and creating obstacles on your way. What fear is that, you think?

Who would you be without this fear? What would you be able to do in your life, that you haven’t been able to so far?

Write down your answers.

#3: Imagine Your Life When You Reach Your Goal

Now close your eyes and imagine what your life would be like, if you reached your goal for 2018. What would next New Year look like. What would your life be like? Who would you be together with? What would you work with? Where would you be?

How does it feel in your body to have reached your goal? What sensations do you feel?

#4: Make an Action Plan With Small Steps

Make a list of 5 small steps, you can take towards your goal. It has to be really concrete and simple steps.
Start the New Year with doing these 5 steps. Minimum 1 a day for the first days.

When you are done with your 5 steps, you make 5 new steps towards your goal and continue like that.

Slowly but steady you will be on your way instead of being stuck in a dream world.

Happy New Years. Hope you see you in 2018!

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